Accessing the records of methane passage in ancient sediments

Martin, Ruth(2010)


The goal of this study was to utilize the calcium carbonate tests (shells) of foraminifera to develop a proxy for identifying and characterizing methane seepage in ancient sediments. Samples from fossil methane seeps of Eocene through Pliocene age were obtained from the Cascadia Margin of northwest Oregon, western Washington, U.S.A. and southern Vancouver Island, Canada. Samples from a modern analogue were recovered from the Hikurangi Margin off the east coast of New Zealand


TitleAccessing the records of methane passage in ancient sediments
AuthorMartin, Ruth
Degree DisciplineDepartment of Earth and Space Sciences
Degree LevelDoctor of Philosophy
Degree GrantorUniversity of Washington (USA)
Keywordsmethane; sediment; sediment analysis; calcium carbonate
LocalityNew Zealand; Hikurangi