Breadth of coverage is as follows.

  • Theses undertaken within all Geology and Earth Science Departments in New Zealand
    universities, regardless of whether on a New Zealand or overseas topic.
  • Theses with substantial original research in solid earth sciences (including soils but
    excluding, meteorological and atmospheric and ocean studies) undertaken in other
    departments in New Zealand universities.
  • Theses with substantial original research in the solid earth sciences of New Zealand
    undertaken in overseas universities.
  • New Zealand DSc degrees in earth science, although most have no thesis as such
    have been included.
  • Many oversess theses compare New Zealand geology with that of another country. If
    the New Zealand content covers as little as a chapter, the thesis has been included.
    However, if the New Zealand content is brief or of a very general nature, the thesis
    has not been included.

This database is the cumulative update of the following three publications

  • MP 042 Bibliography of New Zealand earth science theses / edited by B.W. Hayward;
    D. Shelley; B.N. Thompson, (1989). Wellington : Geological Society of New Zealand
    (up to December 1987)
  • MP 113 Bibliography of New Zealand earth science theses. 2nd edition / compiled by
    S. Nathan; B.N. Thompson; B.W. Hayward (2002). Wellington : Geological Society of
    New Zealand. (up to December 2000 and has been updated as MP127).
  • MP 127 Bibliography of New Zealand Earth Science Theses / complied by Elva Leaving
    (2009) 3rd Edition, Wellington : Geoscience Society of New Zealand. ISBN

    All the data has now been migrated to this database

Elva Leaming, Geology Librarian, before retiring in 2010, met with Gillian Ralph, and Dr Jan
Lindsay, the then President of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand to discuss the future of
the Bibliography. Approval was given by the Society for The University of Auckland Library to maintain
and make available the database as a freely available resource for all interested in New
Zealland geology. Gillian Ralph has overseen the transisition of the data from excel format
to an electronic database since 2008. She has updated, formatted and input data to 2012


The editor would appreciate receiving information about omissions of appropriate theses
so that this data may be included in this database. Please use the Feedback form

Format of data

The following fields are used:

Author's name and initials
Year of presentation of thesis
Title of thesis
Degree or diploma for which the thesis was presented
University Department/sub department
University name (+ country for universities outside New Zealand)
Library symbol (if submitted to a New Zealand university)
Major subject areas - focus
Map references
Link to electronic version

UNIVERSITIES represented

Australian National University (Australia) University of Cambridge (UK)
Binghamton University (USA) University of Canterbury
California State University, Fresno (USA) University of Cincinnati (USA)
Cardiff University (UK) University of Columbia (USA)
College of William and Mary (USA) University of Edinburgh (UK)
Colorado School of Mines (USA) University of Exeter (UK)
Columbia University (USA) University of Hawaii (USA)
Cornell University (USA) University of Hawai'i at Manoa (USA)
Dartmouth College, New Hampshire (USA) University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
de Bretange Occidentale, Brest,(France) University of Houston (USA)
Division of Geological Sciences, California Institute of Technology (USA) University of Illinois (USA)
Florida State University (USA) University of Illinois at Urbana (USA)
Geological Institute, State University of Utrecht (Netherlands) University of Indiana (USA)
Geology and Applied Geology, Glasgow,(UK) University of Leeds (UK)
Harvard University (USA) University of Liverpool (UK)
Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London (UK) University of London (UK)
Indiana University (USA) University of London Royal Holloway (UK)
James Cook University of North Queensland (Australia) University of Mainz (Germany)
La Trobe (Bundoora, Vic, Australia) University of Marburg (Germany)
Lehigh University (USA) University of Melbourne (Australia)
Lincoln College University of Michigan (USA)
Lincoln University University of Minnesota (USA)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA)
Massey University University of Nevada, Reno (USA)
Melbourne (Australia) University of New England (Australia)
Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada) University of New South Wales (Australia)
Mining High School (Ostrava, Czechoslovakia) University of New Zealand
Monash University (Australia) University of Nottingham (UK)
Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet (Norway) University of Oklahoma (USA)
NSW Institute of Technology (Australia) University of Oregon (USA)
Ohio State University Columbus (USA) University of Otago
Okayama University of Science (Japan) University of Oxford (UK)
Open Polytechnic, Lower Hutt University of Plymouth (UK)
Open University (UK) University of Queensland (Australia)
Oregon State University (USA) University of Reading (UK)
Oxford University (UK) University of Rhode Island (USA)
Palaontologisches Institut, Freien Universitat Berlin (Germany) University of Shizuoka (Japan)
Pennsylvania State University (USA) University of Southampton (UK)
Queens University of Belfast (UK) University of Sydney (Australia)
Queen's University of Kingston (Canada) University of Tasmania (Australia)
Santa Barbara, California, (USA) University of Texas at Austin (USA)
Sedgwick Museum, University of Cambridge (UK) University of Texas at El Paso (USA)
Texas at Arlington (USA) University of Utah (USA)
The Australian National University (Australia) University of Vermont, Burlington (USA)
The Open University (UK) University of Victoria (Canada)
Universitaet Tuebingen, (Germany) University of Waikato
Universite du Quebec a Montreal (Canada) University of Wales at Cardiff (UK)
University College London (UK) University of Washington (USA)
University of Aberdeen (UK) University of Wisconsin (USA)
University of Adelaide (Australia) Victoria University of Wellington
University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) Wageningen Universiteit (Netherlands)
University of Arizona (USA) Washington State University (USA)
University of Auckland Western Washington University (USA)
University of Birmingham (UK) Yale University (USA)
University of Bremen (Germany) -
University of Bristol (UK) -
University of California, Berkeley (USA) -
University of California, Los Angeles (USA) -
University of California, Santa Barbara (USA) -